Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Music Friday: The Kiddie, Exclamatory, Groovalicious, Remixed Once, Remixed Twice, Three Times a Charm, Van, Incorrect, Foul Language Edition

Much like my meals when the Missus is not cooking, we've got a hodge podge of good stuff that might well be bad for you this Friday, but you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do, so what's the worry? Do a bunch of drugs during your listening experience, and you're bound to sweat off some lbs. on your way back down anyway, right? Or run around the block. Shit, people, i'm hear to talk tunes, not weight loss programs. Have you seen my gut?

You know i take a perverse pride in making outlandish claims about how LET is the finest in _____ (fill-in-the-blank), such as "the number one source for Nigerian Speed Rap." Well, i'm working on adding another arrow to our quiver. From here on out, with this track from Gospel that samples the movie "Matilda" ("The Mrs. D, Mrs. I" song), i hereby proclaim LET as your number one source for "Beat Tunes That Make Liberal Use of Probably Highly Copyrighted Material Targeted Towards Children." Sure, it's a niche market, but some one's got to fill it.

mp3: Difficulty (Gospel from their SoundCloud)

i mentioned Pepper Rabbit a few Fridays ago, and now they're back with their latest single from Beauregard. This twee little rocker has ukes AND an accordion. If that's not enough for you, well, you gots to go out and buy your own.

i know, i know, it's Friday night, and you need some new soul music to get your groove on with your sweet thang. Well, before you go shelling out for the latest from Cee Lo Green, check out this whispery number by Levek. Awwwwwww Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, as i believe the kids are saying these days.

If it's a Nosaj Thing track, you know i'm going to post it. Make it a Glitch Mob remix, and, well, we're talking no brainer here.

Speaking of remixes, longtime LET friend, the uber-talented Alan Wilkis, shot us a copy of his latest work tinkering with Film School's "Heartful of Pentagons." Personally, i'm digging the percussion on this one.

Hell, while we're on the remix tip, might as well share this added vocal mix of mirF's "Exits." You'll recall my gushing love for his work with Micah Smith on Kosmos recently. Or you won't, because you never listen to my feelings, and you're an asshole. Woah. Where did that come from? Yipes, already.

i'll admit, i'm not too familiar with Fat Trel, but teaming up with Wale over a sample of Freelance Whale's "Hannah" is another pretty good way to catch my attention.

Another LET fave,"Get the" Shigeto "Outta Here," has dropped another single from his debut full-length, Full Circle. It's more of the same spacey goodness with added Asian flair for kung-fu creaminess! Or some shit like that. While we're on the topic, just so you know, this is NOT a Van Morrison cover, as awesome as that might have been. Guess we'll have to work on our alternate universe travel shuttle to hear that one.

Once again employing the production talents of Dan Auerbach, Jessica Lea Mayfield is getting ready to release her sophomore album, "Tell Me," in 2/11. To tide you over until then, here's the first single. As a complete aside, after giving it much consideration, i've decided JLM's new hair style is yummy. That is all.

And to send you on your merry way, a probably falsely advertised LET EXCLUSIVE of local talent Margot MacDonald's latest and greatest. The pretty girl with the pretty voice is going to be doing a NYC gig on 11/15 at the Bitter End. If you happen to find yourself in the Crappy Apple at that time, i highly suggest you attend. Mention you heard about the show at LET and receive one free sexual favor*! (*Those two statements aren't related, and by mentioning us, you'll probably be met with a blank stare. i'm just saying, if you go, i hope you get lucky, too. Just leave Margot out of it. At the very least, don't mention my name, for chrissakes.) Anyway, with vocals somewhere between Ani DiFranco and Sarah McLachlan, her way around a loop pedal more than covers the price of admission. Don't believe me? See for yourself. Here she is absolutely tearing up Massive Attack's "Teardrop." And because i said i'd keep this clean in case her parents' read this, i leave you with this thought for the weekend: fuckery is a good word, and buggery is not used in casual conversation nearly enough.

mp3: Colorblind (Margot MacDonald, a most likely falsely claimed LET EXCLUSIVE!!!)

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