Friday, May 28, 2010

Video Vixens

Just this morning i learned my old boss, Buddy Guy, is opening his new club tonight in Chicago. As i worked at the last one (greatest job of my life), i felt obligated to attend the new opening. Add in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, and guess who decided to book a flight a couple of hours ago to Chicago? That's right, biyatches, me. Still, i didn't want to leave you with nothing before i left, so enjoy the following for your viewing pleasure.

Finally looks like that Sir Lusciouc Leftfoot is going to see the light of day. If the couple of singles floating out there are any indication, expect a triumphant return.

Shutterbug (Big Boi from Sir Luscious Leftfoot ... Son of Chico Dusty)

This has become my most favoritest Josh Ritter track, and quite frankly, the most bittersweet love song i've heard in a long time. And dig this--the drummer also is a master puppeteer, so HE MADE THE VIDEO!!! Now that's talent right there, kids.

The Curse (Josh Ritter from So Runs the World Away)

i mentioned this track to you cats a while ago, and it's since started to blow up pretty nicely. See? Once i saw this video, i knew you needed to see that, too.

mp3: Snowflake (Malachai from Ugly Side of Love)

And here's one of my old boss at the old club. Le sigh. i'm feeling a bit verklempt now, so talk amongst yourselves for a moment.

Hoodoo Man Blues (Buddy Guy & Junior Wells from Last Time Around--Live at Legends)

Yes, i was there for the recording of that CD. i was bar backing that night, as a matter of fact. They planned on releasing even more tracks from the two night affair, but we were making too much noise in the background. i thought breaking bottles would give it that Janis Jopline "Turtle Blues" effect, but the sound guy disagreed. And there's your meaningless factoid for the weekend.

And i'm out. i gots to gets on a plane, suckas.

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