Monday, May 3, 2010

The Guest Room Works

Because it's my blog, and i'll write about whatever i damn well please, we had our first vistors at the new crib this past weekend, with one particularly special guest, blogger extraordinaire, Maxwell "The Hammer" Cooper, keeping the groove alive at all times. i'm sure you're saying, Jebus, what kind of guest room does a guy like Terrible Chris have?

As the picture proves, only the most tricked out mutha on the planet, baby.*

You're jealous. i know this, man.

Now i only have to turn the basement into a faithful replica of Flynn's Arcade, and i'm styling, fo sho.
This one's for you, Hammer.

*And i forgot to take a picture of the tauntaun sleeping bag also in the room, damn it, which only makes it one billion times cooler still.

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