Monday, May 24, 2010

The Greatest Sugar Free Chicago Mix You Ever Will Hear

We try to stick to all things music here at LET, but we do have other interests, too. You may recall my mentioning my hockey fanaticism just a few weeks back. While i'm a Washington Caps fan (and season ticket holder) by location (with highly inappropriate feelings for AO and Backs; what can you do?), i am, of course, a Chicago Blackhawks fan by birth and by blood (which hopefully explains the equal bromance felt for Johnny Toews, shitty playoff beard or not). With yesterday's sweep of the perennially snakebit San Jose Sharks, the 'Hawks are on their way to their first Stanley Cup appearance since 1992, but we don't really need to go into that one right now.

As a tip of the hat to a job well done, i've put together a Chicago mix that clearly doesn't have "Sweet Home Chicago" in it. i've got to have something to post when they win the whole thing, right?*

As such, here's The Greatest Sugar Free Chicago Mix You Ever Will Hear.

And for the 'Hawks enlightened:

*That's right, i'm trash talking, bitch. And you know what elese? Your mother dresses you funny. What about it?

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