Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Greatest Good News vis a vis Back Surgery Mix You Will Ever Hear

Saw my fourth back doctor today, only to hear that the previous guy was a quack (his opinion). i immediately trusted the new doc because he wasn't too pretty (previous guy was). Never trust people that are too pretty.

New back doc called the last one's suggested surgery "a bullshit tip." Instead of the multi-day, majorly invasive surgery the last one wanted to do, the new guy will be done in one afternoon. My four month recovery time has gone to "I'll put you on a six week moratorium from doing anything stupid, but I expect you back on your feet within a week." Essentially, he's going to put a tiny pin-like object in-between my vertebrate.

i was delighted to hear this, as who doesn't enjoy a little screwing now and again?

And the insurance company is paying.

Not sure if i can go six weeks without doing anything stupid, though.

i think i have a crush on my new doctor.

And you know what that means? That's right. Time for The Greatest Good News Vis-à-Vis Back Surgery Mix You Will Ever Hear.

mp3: Good (Morphine from Good)

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