Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today Was a Good Day For Free Hip-Hop Love

Any day that starts with an email from Project: Mooncircle, my now favorite hip-hop label, is bound to be a good one. Throw in a couple of free online bangers, and it's a damn fine day indeed. You're responsible for your own mash, though. There are decency laws some of us have to adhere to, after all.

Back to P:M, they've got a couple of new ones, both dropping on June 4. First up is Numaads' Now EP, a four track hip hop ride drenched in soul and R&B. Combining the melodious pipes of Esperanzah with the beat skills of Q4's Sense, the duo creates a sticky, smoke drenched soundscape. Think Alicia Keys, but with far better backing music. The album also has a couple of remixes by notables Robot Koch and J Rawls.

Secondliest, we have Joe Kickass' full length debut, Mind Joe. You might have caught Joe's Let Me Introduce EP earlier this year (also on P:M). Joe kicks it old skool, as you'll undoubtedly find for yourself. He's got some guests here, including Portformat, Arts the Beatdoctor and Killing Skills, but most of the CD, from raps to production, is all Joe. Pretty kick ass, indeed.

In what is quickly becoming my favorite new label "thing," P:M has put together some snippet "remixes" of the albums done so well they might as well be called "overview singles" and be done with it.

mp3: Now Snippet (Numaad from Now)

mp3: Mind Joe Snippet (Joe Kickass from Mind Joe)

Thirder and having nothing to do with P:M, local boy done good oddisee (not to be confused with this Odd I See; holy Toledo!) just dropped the latest in his free "Odd Seasons" series, the aptly named Odd Spring. You may recall i told you all to watch out for this up and comer when recently pimping Oscillations. The man is creating some dope beats, in a style all his own. When asked what the beat scene is like in DC, invariably answers revolve around the works of Thievery Corporation. If he keeps dropping dope bombs like this one, oddisee will deservedly be in the conversation, too, before much longer.

mp3: The Blooming (oddisee from Odd Spring)

mp3: Birds & Bees ft. Diamond District (oddisee from Odd Spring)

Speaking of having been mentioned here before, i've been sitting on this joint by Amanda Diva for some time now. i first came across her by way of the Kidz in the Hall, and i'm suppose i now owe those cats a thank you. The rest of you may have caught her donig anything from acting in the Nickelodeon series, My Brother and Me (when she was 12), VJ-ing on MTV2, hosting on SIRIUS' The Hip Hop Nation Show or droping knowledge on Def Poetry Jam. Clearly, i live a sheltered life compared to the rest of you, or, at the very least, Diva. When not painting, she is mastering her own brand of "hiptronicsoul" these days, a damn well named genre if ever i heard one. While it's clearly incorrect to call her a noob, i have a feeling her name will become a household name sooner rather than later. Particularly if you live in the House that Hip Hop Built. If you do, however, check the blueprints one more time. Hip Hop seldom takes the time to submit proper permitting requests, and you don't want that shit falling down on top of you.

mp3: Little Things (Amanda Diva from Spandex, Rhymes & Soul)

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