Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Terrible Concert Update

While Megan clearly has been the concert lead for LET this year, tonight starts a pretty decent run of shows for me, and since i don't have anything else prepared for today, you get to check out what i have deemed worthy of my attendance. As always, if you see the lumpy, bald guy with the red beard in the corner, and you mention this ad, you'll get 50 PERCENT OFF your next order!!! Now all i have to do is start an import/export business, and we're styling.
May 4, 9:30 Club, Sia

(That's tonight, suckas, so be there or don't. Your call, really)

(Don't have tix to this one yet, but i always kick myself when i miss him playing 'round these parts, so this time, i'm going. Damn it.)

UPDATE: This one is sold out, so unless i get off my ass and pull the old "let the blogger in" card, i guess i'm going to have to wait AGAIN to see Dan. Damn it two times.

May 21, Sully's in Chantilly, 3rd Rail

(A friend of mine's band. She keeps promising me an mp3 for the site, but i'm going to break my own rule just for her and mention the show SANS music for all ya'll to enjoy.)

May 29, DAR Constitution Hall, Erykah Badu

(Not my favorite venue, but this is what we do for Badu)

(The latest iteration of the remaining boys from Morphine. Saw them at the Mark Sandman Tribute Concert, if memory serves, and they were money)

(In case you needed to find me when you can't locate me at the Hole show, C.I.T.)

mp3: Bacon (Jim Gaffigan from King Baby)

(May the Nerd be with You)

(See the above note re: Ms. Badu, but come up with something that rhymes with "Keys" in the second verse)

Undoubtedly, there will be some more, and i'll do a write-up on each one after the fact. If there's somebody kick ass coming we truly should not miss, feel free to plug your band in the comment section.

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