Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Greatest 420 You Will Ever Hear Today, Part the Second

Well, if you're checking out this mix, you're either hell baked by now or on your way towards that destination. And to you, girls and boys, who have stuck with this habit, through good times and bad, through sticky buds and ditch weed duds, through dank and skank, your Uncle Terrible salutes you. For the rest of you, don't step on the grass, Sam. For the rest of us, let's go get stoned.

mp3: Gummi Bears Theme, Dutch Version (Some Dutchy McDutcherson from the Dutch version of Disney's Gummi Bears, natch)*

*If listening to the Gummi Bear theme song in Dutch doesn't automatically make you smile, well, you, sir or madam, are dead on the inside.


Anonymous said...

very nice post today.... thanks for the vibes.

Terrible Chris said...

Here at LET, we strive to (puff, puff) give back to the community.