Thursday, January 6, 2011

Terrible Chris' Fave Albums of 2010, Part Trois

Ready for some more? The build-up is orgasmic, isn't it?

11. Autolux, Transit Transit--Sure, i would have liked to have heard this a few years ago, too, but that doesn't make it any less impressive.

Supertoys (Autolux from Transit Transit)

Baths, Cerulean--Yet another kick ass beat CD.

mp3: Lovely Bloodflow (Baths from Cerulean)

13. jj, Kills Mixtape--A free mixtape that stacks up with some of the best of the year. Take that, you RIAA motherfuckers.

KILL THEM (jj from Kills Mixtape)

NEW WORK (jj from Kills Mixtape)

mp3: HIGH END (jj from Kills Mixtape)

Liz Phair, Funstyle--Fuck you, Bitch Spork, this thing had plenty of moments.

Oh Bangladesh (Liz Phair from Funstyle)

Vampire Weekend, Contra--While my esteemed contemporary at Berkeley Place felt much differently, i thought this was a nice, light hearted pop affair that holds up after multiple listens. If nothing else, it shows how to use Autotune correctly.

Horchata (Vampire Weekend from Contra)

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