Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Xmas Sale: Even FREEER Free Music!!!

Uf dah, kids. Uf dah.

Did you delight in gluttonous revelry more appropriate to Bacchus than any Christian deity? Yeah, me, too.

Just like the chain stores, here at LET today (and possibly the next couple to follow; still have to do some inbox spelunking), we're running a "We Still Have More Xmas Crap to Get Rid Of" Sale! Today's free mp3s are even FREEER!!!

First up, something from the Genuisis, a new project comprised of Kimya Dawson, Aesop Rock, Johnny Druelinger (Tin Tree Factory), Jason Carmer & Quinn Tuffinuff. While i'm still checking it out myself, with a line-up like that, it's got to be good, right? If it isn't, blame Frank Shirley.

And a happy belated birthday, Baby Jesus! We miss you, too, Big Baby Jesus.

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