Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video Vixens: Violent Sensation Descends by Violens

Hey, kids, all ready for Halloween? Have you burned and memorized The Greatest Zombie Mixtape You Ever Will Hear yet? Ready for some more scary stuff?

The guys in Violens just sent us the video for their song "Violent Sensation Descend." Directed by Alejandro Cardenas, it is the first video from Violens' debut full-length Amoral, out November 9 on Friendly Fire Recordings.

Violent Sensation Descends from Violens on Vimeo.

As if the dead chick weren't enough, this one has the boys dressed as PRIESTS, too, obviously the scariest of all monsters. Spooky, eh, kids?

mp3: Violent Sensation Descend (Violens from Amoral)

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