Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Untitled Interview #119: Starring Hammer No More The Fingers

If you really think about it, friends, the 90s was a pretty fine time for music. The dudes of Hammer No More The Fingers appreciate that fact, and today the nifty North Carolinians release their second record, Black Shark, full of college rock staples and much rambunctious rockery. The guys are always a good time live and in person, so DC kids get thee down to the Red Palace tomorrow evening for what will be one heck of a good time. Below, the three gentlemen Hammer describe themselves for your reading pleasure.


AS A MOVIE: The Room. Awfully Awesome.

AS A DRINK: Dark & Stormy. Spicy n' Drunky.

AS A WEATHER EVENT: Carolina Hurricane.

AS AN OBSCURE VINTAGE LP: The Kelly Family - Ain't Gonna Pee Pee My Bed Tonight. Please look up.

AS A MOMENT IN HISTORY: The invention of Betamax.


AS A SPOT IN NORTH CAROLINA: The Life Crystals which lie beneath the city of Asheville.

AS A VIDEO GAME/CHARACTER THEREIN: Altered Beast. Definitely Altered Beast!

AS A WORK OF LITERATURE: Savage Trust by Cassie Edwards. Please look up.

AS A HISTORICAL FIGURE: Icke: The Overlord of Reptilian Humanoids.

AS A CAMPAIGN PROMISE: We will bring the Thunder to your Dome. All ya gotta do is ask a' Hammer.

mp3: Leroy (Hammer No More The Fingers from Black Shark)

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