Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Greatest Mango Mix You Will Ever Hear

The Missus loves to eat her some mango.

The Missus also is allergic to mangos.

The Missus is a bit perplexing at times, but i love her nonetheless.

mp3: Mango Tree (Angus & Julia Stone, Live at KCRW, 3/9/09)

mp3: Mango Tree (Pearl and the Puppets; damned if i can find out where it's from, sadly)

mp3: Mango Juice (Steppenwolf from At Your Birthday Party)

mp3: Mango Sunset (Las Chicas from Chill Out Feelin')

mp3: For What You Are (Deela ft. Mango Juice from Forward Ever, Backward Never)

mp3: Your Name (Tricky from Blowback)


Leslie said...

love it!
also, mango is not in the title, but consider drop baby drop by the manao company.

"i love you like a mango"...

Terrible Chris said...

i actually was kind of surprised at how many songs about or including mangos there are out there. Another excellent example, Leslie.